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You know what things are too cute to handle? Baby cows. And baby elephants.

Just sayin'.
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I'm feeling kind of down in the dumps and listless nowadays. I think it's just stress and sleep deprivation though. I've decided to start exercising again, I need to raise my endorphins! Next month, everything will be better.
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I have one (1) Archive of Our Own invitation to give to whoever! It doesn't matter if I don't know you. AO3 is a wonderful archive for posting fic cause there's no word limit and they're just super cool, so if you want it or somebody you know wants it, PM me with your e-mail and I'll give it to you!
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I am just ADORING the Generation Kill fandom right now. So many good writers, so many epics, SO MUCH AWESOME. They have certainly eaten their wheaties these past few weeks. /rolls around in fandom.

Here is a link to my delicious for all of my favourite GK fics. There are 126! All ratings, a lot of tropes. A lot of Brad/Nate, but there's also Brad/Ray and Ray/Walt and EVEN RAY/DOC and other good stuff.

Generation Kill Recs of Awesome

It's not like anybody is going to see my exuberant gushing so I have no shame right now.


Aug. 27th, 2010 11:31 pm
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I am EFFUSE with joy and love and affection right now for no reason other than the awesomeness of being alive and smiling and I have no one to foist it upon. I don't even have a reason to be happy, I just am.

I need a freakin' pet.

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The 5 Albums I would take to a deserted island:

1) High Violet by The National
2) Far (Bonus Track Version) by Regina Spektor
3) Strict Joy by The Swell Season
4) Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood) by Hey Rosetta!
5) Fantasies by Metric

I listen to far too many Canadian indie bands. I guess the only way to cure it would be for them to stop making awesome music.


Jul. 25th, 2010 09:08 pm
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WOW! Somebody subscribed to me, and while I'm not quite sure who they are and it was probably an accident, it's okay, they just reminded me that I haven't updated this thing in a really long time! So here's what I've been listening to lately:

The National:
Now, I'd actually heard of this band before, I just never bothered to listen to any other of their songs because of one particular song of theirs that didn't really appeal to me. Somebody recommended them to me again, so I decided to give them another try and the first song I listened to was Bloodbuzz Ohio and I absolutely LOVED it! The lead singer has such a deep voice, it immediately grabs my attention, and their music was so relaxing as well. I decided to keep going after that one song, and I discovered my song of the month: Lemonworld. It's not just the melody of the song, or the general sweetness/melancholy of the mood of the song (though it's not like Lily Allen or anything, it's not high pitched with all that jazz, it's just the feeling it evokes, like two really close sisters), it's the lyrics! The second part of the first verse, I gave my heart to the army, the only sentimental thing I could think of, with cousins and colours and somewhere overseas, but it'll take a better war to kill a college man like me, really just made me think of Generation Kill, which is my 'obsession of the year', and they're just such poignant lyrics to me, especially the first two lines. Other good songs are Little Faith and Afraid of Everyone.

Florence + The Machine:
This has really just been the month of me giving artists a second chance. The first Florence + The Machine song I ever heard was Kiss With A Fist and it didn't seem like anything special to me, so I let it go, but I think I was watching a TV show, and a song came on that I liked, and I looked it up and it happened to be Dog Days Are Coming. That was the first song in my rediscovery. What came next after some hesitant youtube searching in case my liking of the song was a fluke was Drumming Song, and then after I searched some more and couldn't find any other I liked. But then I was watching ANOTHER tv show, and Cosmic Love came on, and I loved that one too! Those are pretty much the only songs I like though.

Jamie T:
Following the earlier trend, I had known about Jamie T before and quite liked one of his most popular songs; Sheila, but was hesitant to explore further because of my general not liking of hip hop for a few years. Now I've gotten over that, and it's really just the KIND of hip hop that turns me off sometimes, so I went looking for my songs. Honestly, the better the lyrics, and the more thought-provoking they are, the more likely I am to like a rap song, which was why I liked Sheila in the first place. After listening to a few songs, I realized that Jamie T was really quite a lot of fun! He was clever in his lyrics, and though the first song I mentioned was about three deaths (one by drowning, one got shot, and one of a drug overdose when she was trying to kill herself to get away from an abusive father), it was strangely upbeat. If You've Got The Money made me laugh, as did Salvador, Chaka Demus was a lot of fun to listen to and Sticks and Stones was such a sincere rap of misspent childhood! He really is fantastic, I appreciate cleverness in my artists.

Kick Push by Lupe Fiasco:
I found out about this song after reading a fantastic Generation Kill fic, and loved it's sense of whimsy and the repetition of 'I'm sorry there's no skating here, and so we kick, push, kick push...' Just like Jamie T, Lupe Fiasco writes terribly clever lyrics.

After the Storm by Mumford & Sons:
I got this one when I was surfing an Alexander Skarsgard tumblr, and somebody had posted this song because it was on his iTunes list thing he did for True Blood or something and I ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT! Now, I had to give it some time in the beginning, but the chorus is absolutely fantastic. I just brings me an older time, when things were hard or something, though the lyrics may not suggest that. They're generally a fantastic band, I also very much enjoy White Blank Page by them.

Hurt (and others) by Johnny Cash:
I came across this particular song when I was looking for the end song of the Generation Kill mini-series (gosh I do talk about it a lot, oh dear), which happened to be The Man Comes Around, which I really liked. I listened to Hurt which BLEW MY MIND with it's awesomeness, and it's melancholy, and I never would have known it was a Nine Inch Nails (not a fan) cover if I hadn't searched for the lyrics. Another awesome song is I Hung My Head, which has a pretty bleak story, but Cash sings it with such soul.

The album Strict Joy by The Swell Season:
Ah, my male+female duet addiction comes into play again. The Swell Season is Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from the Oscar-winning movie Oncewhich won best music or something when it came out. They are precisely my cup of tea! The first song I really fell in love with was High Horses, after Falling Slowly evidently from the movie (but it isn't on the album). They make amazing music, that's almost reminiscent of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan. In These Arms has some of the best opening lyrics I've ever heard. Another fantastic song by both of them, though it's under Glen Hansard's band's name The Frames and not on the album is When Your Mind's Made Up. Now THAT is a song that knows how to build up to an awesome climax.

Transatlanticism, Marching Bands of Manhattan, Brothers on a Hotel Bed and Title and Registration by Death Cab for Cutie:
Tranatlanticism I heard in the trailer for the movie Beastly and THE LYRICS. OH MY GOD I CAN'T EVEN. THEY ARE POETRY EVEN WITHOUT THE MUSIC. It just spiralled on from there, and so those four songs are my relaxation songs.

That isn't even a fraction of the new music I've been listening to, but it is the stuff I've loved the most.

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Wow, time flies! I just realized that I said I would probably be updating this thing; the thing is, I am a lying liar who sometimes doesn't tell the truth. But here's what I've been listening to lately!


Their whole album Welcome to the Night Sky is phenomenal, and I've loved them since the first time I heard Weighty Ghost. For a good while, that was the only song of theirs I had truly listened to, but I did some exploring, and I came across gems like Dead Letter and the Infinite Yes, Drunk on Aluminum, and Astronaut. I don't know what it is, but something about their lead singers voice leads me to think that they are a very passionate band, they truly enjoy the great music they're making. And Dead Letter and the Infinite Yes is a heartbreaking song, I could listen to the chorus until I die.

Set the Fire to the Third bar by SNOW PATROL FEAT. MARTHA WAINWRIGHT:

Not only is this a soothing, beautiful lulling song, but the lyrics are wonderful. The thing that really draws me into the song is the lead singer of Snow Patrol's lower register and slow tone, with the utter expressiveness of Martha's voice. And like I've said before, I'm a sucker for male/female duets.

The Album Fantasies by METRIC:

This is an all-around great album. It has some fantastic dancing beats, and Emily Haines' crazy awesome vocals. It seems she could sing the phone book to me, and I would still listen with all my heart. Gold Guns Girls, is my go-to song from this album, though Sick Muse comes in at a close second. But I swear for the longest time, I thought the chorus went "everybody everybody just wants to play the Wii' and not 'everybody everybody just wants to play the lead'. Twilight Galaxy is a great song to fall asleep to.

For Your Entertainment by ADAM LAMBERT:

I listen to this song while I clean, and it really gets me motivated to actually finish the job! The video is awesome too, and this song is ridiculously catchy, I can't help but dance.


I first heard their song Adventures in Solitude and that is a fantastic song, so I decided to do some more digging, and I absolutely LOVE this song! Once again, it's a male/female song, but I think it's multiple girls, and one guy.  I think this band blends well together, and you can tell with their music.

Until You Won Me Over by TRENT DABBS:

This is overall just a sweet song. There's not much else to say, it's just a very pleasant song to listen to, and kind of addictive! I heard it on One Tree Hill (a show I watch exclusively for the awesome music, I don't much care for the characters), and I knew it was awesome after the first bar!

When Lost At Sea by THE WOODEN SKY:

I don't know much about this band, I stumbled upon them by accident, but they're my kind of band, and this song is awesome, so I really enjoy them!

Defying Gravity by CHRIS COLFER:

I'd never heard this song before Glee, as I'm not really a musicals kind of person, no matter how much people around me seem to be, but Kurt is literally my favorite character in that show, and I really like Chris Colfer's personality, so it's a given that I love this song!

Bad Romance by LADY GAGA:

Nuff' said.

That's all for now, nobody reads this thing anyways, but I like to go back and look at what i'd been doing at any particular time.


Aug. 29th, 2009 12:49 pm
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God I forgot how badass Fight Club is.

I love this movie like Dean loves Sam.

And that's a lot!
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I have a lot of time to listen to music, and I'm pretty sure if I didn't, i'd be spending my spare time plotting nefarious deeds, and no one wants that hmmm? So here's what I've been listening to lately:


I bought her new album as soon as it came out, and loved it at first listen! I had heard the live version of Genius Next Door before this album, an hearing the studio version was really lovely. She always has such stories in her lyrics which is a big part in the fun I have listening to her music. And plus, her voice is PHENOMENAL. I listened to Dance Anthem of the 80's literally 67 times (I checked on iTunes), it's just so darn catchy! And to quote somebody else whom I'm to lazy to look up right now "Wallet is the best song written about a blockbuster card ever!" And every time I listen to Two Birds, all I think about is Kirk and McCoy from Star Trek at the Academy, especially the line:  "Two birds on a wire, one says 'Come on!' and the other says 'I'm tired'". I just keep picturing a grumpy McCoy being irritated at Kirk's attempts to socialise him. All in all, a great album!

I Know What I Am by BAND OF SKULLS:

This is just a song that makes me want to do something badass! I love the thumping bass line and drums, and I've always had a thing for bands with a male and female singer, so this was just my cup of tea! I listen to it when I want to pump myself up for something boring (like doing the dishes) :D

Hearless (Kanye West Cover) by THE FRAY:

The Fray took a song that I already liked, and made it EVEN MORE AWESOME! I went to their concert a couple of weeks ago, and it was fantastic, I had so much fun! It's much smoother than the original version, and I love Isaac's voice, so it was awesome to hear live.

Chillin' by WALE FT. LADY GAGA:

I'm a person that steers clear of hip hop usually, unless it's PHENOMENAL or it has a really good message, this song is neither, but I blame the catchy chorus. Something about Lady Gaga's voice just draws me in! And it's not because it's exceptionally good, but I love the melody of the chorus, and generally ignore the rapping, but I still enjoy it.


Now, I've been going on a Depeche Mode binge lately, but I can't stop listening to this song!

The Acrobat by JOHNATHAN RICE:

I love this song because it is so low. Not in a depressing way, but I like the way his voice rumbles, I find it very soothing. I like the way the song escalates into more melody, and I can't resist a good violins section (I've always wanted to play the violin or the cello). I like how each verse is it's own little story, so I listen to this song usually before I go to sleep.

So that's what's been playing in my ears lately, I'll probably have another slew of songs next week.

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Okay, so I got one of these things thanks to halfshellvenus.


Maybe this will motivate me to do some writing, or post some fic before I chicken out (STORY OF MY LIFE).

At least I know I'll probably do some episode responses when Supernatural comes back, not for EVERY episode (I'm not going to set myself up for failure), but at least for my favourites!

So, funtimes!


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