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I have a lot of time to listen to music, and I'm pretty sure if I didn't, i'd be spending my spare time plotting nefarious deeds, and no one wants that hmmm? So here's what I've been listening to lately:


I bought her new album as soon as it came out, and loved it at first listen! I had heard the live version of Genius Next Door before this album, an hearing the studio version was really lovely. She always has such stories in her lyrics which is a big part in the fun I have listening to her music. And plus, her voice is PHENOMENAL. I listened to Dance Anthem of the 80's literally 67 times (I checked on iTunes), it's just so darn catchy! And to quote somebody else whom I'm to lazy to look up right now "Wallet is the best song written about a blockbuster card ever!" And every time I listen to Two Birds, all I think about is Kirk and McCoy from Star Trek at the Academy, especially the line:  "Two birds on a wire, one says 'Come on!' and the other says 'I'm tired'". I just keep picturing a grumpy McCoy being irritated at Kirk's attempts to socialise him. All in all, a great album!

I Know What I Am by BAND OF SKULLS:

This is just a song that makes me want to do something badass! I love the thumping bass line and drums, and I've always had a thing for bands with a male and female singer, so this was just my cup of tea! I listen to it when I want to pump myself up for something boring (like doing the dishes) :D

Hearless (Kanye West Cover) by THE FRAY:

The Fray took a song that I already liked, and made it EVEN MORE AWESOME! I went to their concert a couple of weeks ago, and it was fantastic, I had so much fun! It's much smoother than the original version, and I love Isaac's voice, so it was awesome to hear live.

Chillin' by WALE FT. LADY GAGA:

I'm a person that steers clear of hip hop usually, unless it's PHENOMENAL or it has a really good message, this song is neither, but I blame the catchy chorus. Something about Lady Gaga's voice just draws me in! And it's not because it's exceptionally good, but I love the melody of the chorus, and generally ignore the rapping, but I still enjoy it.


Now, I've been going on a Depeche Mode binge lately, but I can't stop listening to this song!

The Acrobat by JOHNATHAN RICE:

I love this song because it is so low. Not in a depressing way, but I like the way his voice rumbles, I find it very soothing. I like the way the song escalates into more melody, and I can't resist a good violins section (I've always wanted to play the violin or the cello). I like how each verse is it's own little story, so I listen to this song usually before I go to sleep.

So that's what's been playing in my ears lately, I'll probably have another slew of songs next week.

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